Rolls-Royce Pool Table
Los Angeles-based 11 Ravens is best known for their custom luxury gaming tables for celebrities, but their latest creation is just as exclusive. They’ve partnered with WHISPERS, a private social network and shopping experience solely for Rolls-Royce owners, to offer a special Stealth pool table. Limited to just 5-units worldwide, this Stealth R11 table was made exclusively for purchase by Rolls-Royce customers, priced at $250,000.

Rolls-Royce Pool Table
The table, much like a Rolls-Royce, represents the ultimate status symbol for luxury goods enthusiasts. Featuring a premium-grade aluminum frame, black-tinted lucite panels, 14K gold sheets, Swarovski crystals surrounding the rails and LED lights for to illuminate of the Stealth’s sleek shape. In addition to custom balls and cue sticks, it also comes with a ping pong and dining conversion top to provide the ultimate in entertainment.

Rolls-Royce Pool Table

I’ve been wanting to revisit this very popular table for some time now. To be able to offer such a striking collection to Rolls-Royce owners exclusively made the design process just that much more exciting,” said Ravens Owner Michael Zaretsky.


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