Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls
Photo credit: Al Yasid
When muscle car meets Rolls-Royce, you get the RLolls Royce, an interesting concept by automotive designer Al Yasid. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the shaker scoop, or the air intake for combustion air mounted directly atop of the engine’s air cleaner and protrudes through a large hole in the hood.

Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls
Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls
Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls
Apart from the shaker scoop, we see that this luxurious muscle car has been slammed to the ground, most likely on an air bag system, and equipped with racing slicks. Aesthetically, it has several carbon fiber body parts including the front lip, side skirts, as well as a rear diffuser. Unfortunately, we don’t get a clear look inside, but it’s safe to say that most of the luxurious amenities such as leather seats, etc., have been retained. One caveat: you may scrape up the bottom of the car and aero bits by going over speed bumps or entering parking garages with inclines.

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Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls
Al Yasid Muscle Car Rolls Royce RLolls

Why be classy when you can be a complete utter bastard? Exactly. Last slide is for Rolls Royce Purists, obviously. They’ll love it, right? ….Right?,” said Yasid.


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