Star Wars Coca-Cola OLED Lightsaber
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s theatrical release is just a few days away on December 20th, and there’s been plenty of promotional items released, but none as cool-looking as these Coca-Cola bottles, which feature Rey and Kylo Ren. Not just any bottles, these have lightsabers that illuminate when the labels are touched, thanks to flexible OLEDs.

Berlin-based startup Inuru was contracted to make these labels, and each one boasts a built-in printed battery and the diodes required to light up the lightsabers. By simply touching the label, a circuit is completed, thus sending an electrical current to the diodes. The printed battery can be used for a minimum of 500 activations, and the diodes are “eco-friendly” since they’re not manufactured with rare earth metals.


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