Cardboard Creationism Bicycle Playing Cards 3D Art
Photo credit: Cardboard Creationism
An artist who goes by “Cardboard Creationism” transforms Bicycle Playing Cards into 3D works of art. That’s right, he takes a standard deck entire deck and works on the individual cards with an X-Acto knife, without the use of any special tools or adhesives. Simply put, each card is cut along the pattern on the back and then stacked atop each other, eventually forming a 3D version of the design.

Vincent van Gogh Starry Night LEGO Ideas
Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night was painted in June 1889 and shows the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise, with the addition of a make believe village added in for ambience. One brick artist recreated this famous scene using LEGO and their set is becoming a reality. That’s right, soon this masterpiece can be sitting on your desk, minifigure van Gogh, easel, painting pallete and all.

Time Traveler iPhone 1860 Die Erwartete Ferdinand George Waldmuller
The internet has been in an uproar this week over an alleged time traveler spotted holding an iPhone spotted in an 1860 painting, Die Erwartete (The Expected One), by Ferinand Georg Waldmüller. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this person is not holding an electronic device, but rather a book, though the pose strikingly resembles someone who would be looking at their smartphone while walking down a pathway.

Whale Tail Sculpture Metro Train Accident
The “Saved by the Whale’s Tail” sculpture, built in 2002 at De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, a city just outside Rotterdam, saved a metro train after it went off the tracks. Rather than crash 30-feet to the ground below, the tail managed to save the day, albeit with some minor damage. Thankfully, only the train operator was the only person aboard at the time, but there is still no clear reason as to why it didn’t stop in time.

Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer
In most cases, a temporary tattoo refers to a non-permanent image that can either be drawn, painted, airbrushed, or needled in the same way as a permanent one, but with an ink that dissolves in the blood within 6 months. Many have either seen or used decal-style temporary tattoos, but what about Prinker S? This temporary tattoo printer basically sprays ink onto your skin in any design you want using cosmetic ink-filled cartridges.