LEGO Art 31208 The Great Wave
The all-new LEGO Art (31208) The Great Wave set consists of 1,180-pieces and reimagines the masterpiece by Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese ukiyo-e artist of the Edo period. It is believed to have been originally printed on a woodblock in the early 1830s and has since been recreated as street art as well as countless merchandise worldwide.

This LEGO creation features numerous layers and elements of different shapes to showcase the lines, along with the depth of Hokusai’s original artwork. For adults, this set will allow them to unwind and find their low. As for children, it opens their eyes to the world of Japanese ukiyo-e art. Available now directly from LEGO and LEGO retailers, priced at $99.99 USD.
LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection 31205 Building Blocks - Superhero Canvas Wall Decor with Joker, Harley Quinn, or Batman Portraits, DC Comics DIY Poster, Gift Idea for Men, Women, and Adults
  • Three Design Options - Build this LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection wall art set, featuring a portrait kit with 3 build options for Batman, Joker, or Harley Quinn.
  • Choose Your Character - Create 1 of 3 canvas wall décor portraits of Batman, Joker, or Harley Quinn in LEGO tiles for superhero enthusiasts.
  • Complete Adult Set - This 4,167-piece big LEGO set for adults includes 9 canvas wall decor plates, 2 hanger elements, and a brick-built frame.

LEGO Art 31208 The Great Wave
LEGO Art 31208 The Great Wave
LEGO Art 31208 The Great Wave

We’re thrilled that fans of art and Japanese culture will get the chance to immerse themselves into the relaxing project of recreating the iconic Great Wave, captured in a LEGO Art set,” said Annemette Baaskjær Nielsen, Designer at the LEGO Group.


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