Saver Whale Underwater Drone
Photo credit: Lim do-hwi
The problem with most drones is that they aren’t designed for underwater use, especially for search and rescue teams. Saver Whale aims to change that. It comes equipped with rugged cameras, sonar technology, several radars, and a radio system for communication. You can deploy this directly from a helicopter precisely where its service is required, while providing a life vest, rope, and first aid kit if necessary.

PowerEgg X Drone
What happens when you combine an autonomous personal AI-powered camera, a handheld 3-axis gimbal, and a high-performance drone into an egg-shaped device? You get the PowerEgg X. That’s right, its 4k/60fps HD camera and three-axis gimbal allow just about anyone to create professional quality images, and thanks to its IPX6 rating, the drone can be flown anywhere as well. Product page.

Jetpack Guy LAX Drone
The Sling Pilot Academy spotted the bizarre “Jetpack Guy” flying at 3,000-feet near LAX back in December, and just recently, somebody discovered a humanoid drone that matches its description. To be more specific, it’s basically a 1:1 human mannequin strapped to a drone that can be remote controlled from afar, called the Duocopter with KK 2.15 Flightboard. Despite its size, this drone weighs in at just 10.7-pounds and powered by two 250Kv brushless airplane motors connected to a 10S 3000mah lithium polymer battery.

HYBRiX Drone UAV World Record
Photo credit: Quaternium
Spain-based Quaternium collaborated with EFI manufacturer Löweheiser, a company known for the world’s smallest fuel injection system optimized for unmanned aircraft, to set a new flight record for UAVs. Using the experimental electric hybrid (gasoline + electric) HYBRiX 2.1 drone, the flight began at 8:20 am in the morning with a full tank with 16 liters of fuel and landed at 6:34 pm, or approximately after 10 hours and 14 minutes in the air.

ERKA Autonomous Ambulance
Photo credit: Roman Ignatowski and Maja Bryniarska
In case of emergency, time is of essence, and what better way to ensure the quickest help than with an autonomous ambulance? Meet the ERKA Autonomous Ambulance, which comes with a built-in drone that can survey the area to locate the person(s) in need of attention. Its compact design allows the vehicle to skip around traffic safely, while its wheels are capable of turning 90-degrees for maximum maneuverability.