Piestro Pizza Vending Machine
Love pizza, but hate the wait? Meet Piestro, an artisan pizza vending machine. The company just announced that it is partnering with PopID, the facial recognition payment company, to offer consumers a faster, easier and safer way to pay using their face. This innovative cooking system is compatible with customizable recipes and stocked with the finest ingredients to produce a pizza that matches the artisanal flavor and ideal texture of local pizza classics in just three minutes.

Pizza Hut Pac-Man Game Box
Let’s face it, most of us throw out pizza boxes after we’re done eating the pie, but Pizza Hut may change that with their latest limited edition offering. They’re calling this campaign “Newstalgia,” and it puts a modern twist on celebrating all the things people love and associate with the PAC-MAN brand and iconic Pizza Hut pizzas. Those who managed to snag one of these boxes can play an augmented reality version of the game printed directly on the packaging.

Fastest Edible Car Cake
Black Sheep Custom Cakes, Mike Elder (the original record holder of the fastest edible vehicle), and world champion race driver, Michael Andretti, teamed up to create the world’s fastest edible car to celebrate ilani (USA) opening their one-million-square-foot parking structure. To ensure the maximum chance of success, the team of nine decided to make two cake cars, led by Elder, over 46 hours, or to be more specific, a total of 414 man hours.