Burger King Spider-Verse Whopper 2023
Burger King introduces a new ‘Spider-Verse’ Whopper that will hit participating restaurants from May 15 through June 21. This burger features a red bun topped with black sesame seeds, melted Swiss cheese and all the traditional Whopper toppings such as tomatoes, crisp lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, as well as sliced white onions.

Burger King Spider-Verse Whopper 2023
In addition to the flame-grilled “Spider-Verse” Whopper, Burger King is also going to offer a “Spider-Verse” Sundae this summer, which boasts soft serve ice cream topped with black and red chocolate popping candies. The Across the Spider-Verse collaboration doesn’t end there as some restaurants in NYC, France, UAE, Brazil, and more, will have interactive experiences inside the dining room including ‘Instagram-able’ areas.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Newspaper Office 76178 Building Set - Featuring 25 Spider-Verse Minifigures including Peter Parker, Venom, and Spider-Gwen, Collectible Gift Idea for Adults
  • Marvel LEGO Set - 3,772-piece, 32 in./82 cm high, 4-floor Daily Bugle office recreation with 25 minifigures for adult collectors.
  • Removable Facades - Easy access to detailed rooms with various accessories, and large front posters on the building.
  • Penthouse Office - Bugle's Editor in Chief office, Spider-Man's buggy, and action-packed scenes with Marvel characters.

Like the infinite number of universes that can be explored in the next installment of the award-winning Spider-Man franchise, Burger King fans can discover new and exciting ways to customize the ‘Spider-Verse’ menu items. This co-promotion allows us to bring the best of both worlds together, creating countless possibilities for Guests to have it their way and rule their Spider-Verse,” said Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America.


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