PlayStation Play Your Pasta
Garofalo’s PlayStation-themed ‘Play Your Pasta’ is not an early April Fools’ Day joke, but rather a real product that you can buy online for around £2.60 ($3.40) per back. Each piece of pasta are shaped like the iconic PlayStation’s controller buttons – triangle, circle, square and cross.

PlayStation Play Your Pasta
Unfortunately, this pasta does not include any games. On a related note, did you know that Sony has already sold over 38-million units of the PlayStation 5 console since its launch? This makes it one of the most successful game consoles ever, right behind the PlayStation 2, which has sold 159 million units. For the current fiscal year, Sony plans to sell at least 25 million units, the highest ever for any PlayStation console in history. More information about the pasta here.

PlayStation 5 Console (PS5)
  • Model Number CFI-1215A01X.
  • Stunning Games - Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.
  • Breathtaking Immersion - Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio technology.


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