Smart D-Mask Diving Mask
Photo credit: ZJ-DDG via Yanko Design
A diving mask is used by descending divers, which causes the ambient pressure rises. When this happens, it becomes necessary to equalize the pressure inside the mask with the external ambient pressure to avoid mask squeeze. This is normally accomplished with sufficient air to flow out through the nose into the mask to relieve the pressure difference. What would a next-generation diving mask look like? The D-Mask by designer ZJ-DDG.

Nike LED Light Mask
Photo credit: Min Chang Kim | PDF Haus via Yanko Design
Some may wonder why people use LED light masks, and it’s mainly to stimulate collagen production and kill any bacteria that cause acne breakouts. One problem…most look like a mask you would find at a costume shop, that is unless…you’re talking about this stylish new Nike LED mask. Unlike the current offerings, this one has a rugged design that can be used either at home or on the road.