Tiny Arcade Atari 2600
The original console was released in September 1977, while the Tiny Arcade Atari 2600 is a fully-functional miniature replica that fits in the palm of your hand. That’s right, it comes with a working 1.5-inch TV screen, a joystick, and a total of 10 games. Some of the titles include Tempest, Breakout, Pong, Warlords, Missile Command, Asteroids and Pac-Man.

Just for reference, the original Atari 2600 was first showcased on June 4, 1977, at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with plans for retail release in October. However, the announcement was reportedly delayed due to the terms of the Magnavox patent lawsuit settlement at the time, which would have given them all technical information on any of Atari’s products announced between June 1, 1976, and June 1, 1977. This meant its official launch was pushed back to September 1977, priced at $199 USD ($982.42 in 2023).
Tiny Arcade Atari 2600
  • The MUST HAVE video game console from 1978 is back and this time it will fit in the palm of your hand! The Original Atari 2600 brought arcade games like Missile Command, Asteroids and Centipede into family homes for the first time, but never in this size.
  • Featuring a 60s/70s inspired full color 1.5” TV monitor, full functioning 2600 joystick and classic 2600 console, this Atari 2600 is the ultimate throwback!
  • Complete with 10 games - 9 full play Atari games plus Pac-Man!


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