CityHawk eVTOL Air Taxi
Urban Aeronautics has teamed up with HyPoint, a company that specializes in (HTPEM) hydrogen fuel cell systems, to develop the CityHawk eVTOL. It will be powered by HyPoint’s latest hydrogen fuel cell stack technology, replacing the previous hybrid propulsion system. This air taxi has a six-seat design with no external wings or rotors, making it perfect f or urban transport and emergency response.

Its rotorless, wingless shape provides enhanced safety and unrestricted mobility with an innovative fly anywhere, land anywhere door-to-door transportation capability. Boasting Urban Aeronautics’ cutting edge internal rotor Fancraft technology, which uses powerful ducted fans in combination with innovative aerodynamic technologies for superior control, stability, speed, safety, noise reduction as well as sustainability.

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Urban Aeronautics CityHawk EVTOL Air Taxi

We look forward to collaborating with HyPoint on the integration of the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell systems for eVTOL transportation and the urban air mobility market. As a high-power, 100 percent environmentally friendly fuel, hydrogen is key to the future of eVTOL aircraft,” said Rafi Yoeli, CEO of Urban Aeronautics.


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