Hyundai Uber Air Taxi
Hyundai has partnered with Uber to develop a Personal air Vehicle (PAV), called the S-A1. It’s designed for vertical take off and landing, thus negating the need for a runway, and can reach a top speed of 180 mph and a cruising altitude between 1,000 feet – 2,000 feet. The aircraft is fully electric and has a multi-rotor / propellers design to decrease a single point of failure and noise pollution.

The most impressive feature is probably that the vehicle will only take 5 – 7 minutes to recharge and eventually, be flown autonomously. When fully charged, it should be able to travel around 60-miles.

Hyundai Uber S-A1 Air Taxi

We’re just over a week into 2020, and while this Hyundai partnership presents another significant advancement in our Uber Air journey, our approach has always been to be thorough, and to collaborate closely with our local stakeholders and communities,” said head of Uber Elevate, Australia, Natalie Malligan in a statement.


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