What Tesla Autopilot Sees
Tesla’s Autopilot technology is still in its infancy, but for those who have ever wondered exactly what it sees on the road, this short video should answer that question. Put simply, we see a few driving scenarios that show how it annotates the world, whether it be the typical boxes that indicate different objects in the world or the vehicle’s speed as well as its interpretations of the weather and road conditions.

Some things we do not see are pedestrians, bicyclists, or others that share the road with cars and how it may react to those scenarios. The vehicle being used does however drive into a downtown area, so we do see on person walking along the sidewalk. Elon Musk originally stated that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode was going live at the end of 2019, but unfortunately, they still need to work out some kinks before it’s certified for road use.

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Tesla’s director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy said the company developed a large neural networks for Autopilot that could not be used in older models due to the lack of computational resources, but Hardware 3 (HW3) provided the resources to allow for improved accuracy in predictions. HW3 boasts 2.5x improved performance over HW2.5 with 1.25x higher power and 0.8x lower cost, thanks to twelve ARM Cortex-A72 CPUs operating at 2.6GHz, two Neural Network Accelerators operating at 2GHz and a Mali GPU operating at 1GHz.


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