Hugo Eccles Zero XP Motorcycle
United Motorcycles founder Hugo Eccles normally customizes Ducati, Triumph, and other superbikes, but for their latest project, they turned to electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero. Since there’s no fuel tank, carburetors, exhaust, or other mechanical components, he was able to let his imagination run free, and this custom XP motorcycle draws inspiration from drag bikes as well as aircraft.

The main focus was to showcase its electric powertrain, so Hugo made sure to use just enough bodywork to allow for someone to ride the bike, without any excess or flash. So, there’s a set of knee grips and a transparent “tank” that houses the digital instrument cluster. Suspension wise, not much was needed, and the frame was only lightly modified. To give it a custom touch, CNC machined footpegs and a Motogadget gauge were mounted in a custom carrier.

Custom Zero XP Motorcyle
Custom Zero XP Motorcyle
Custom Zero XP Motorcyle


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