BlackBerry Passport 2 Smartphone
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BlackBerry may not be a popular brand nowadays, or at least with smartphones, but if the Passport 2 ever becomes a reality, that may change. Think of it as a modern BlackBerry Key2 smartphone, complete with a classic keypad that the company is known for on their devices.

No technical specifications have been revealed, but as we can see in the renders, it sports a dual rear camera setup and a water resistance rating that should be able to handle any kind of weather. The original BlackBerry Passport was released back in September, 2014, so you can imagine how dated the hardware is compared to smartphones today. For starters, it featured a 4.5-inch display, which was a change from the rectangular 16:9 displays of other smartphones. When combined with its physical keyboard, provided far more room on-screen for business-oriented tasks.

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BlackBerry Passport 2 Smartphone
BlackBerry Passport 2 Smartphone
BlackBerry Passport 2 Smartphone


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