Bread Truck Home Conversion
Couple Ellie and Paul are digital nomads, with both traveling separately at first. Ellie was living in a van conversion, while Paul had a converted bread truck from his home town. These two met and then fell in love d moved into the bread truck together.

More specifically, a 1989 Utilimaster purchased of Craigslist for $3,700 USD powered by a four-cylinder Cummins turbo diesel engine making 100 hp and 135 lb-ft of torque, mated to a four-speed manual transmission. It took Paul around $7,400 to get the vehicle back into working condition and then another $20,000 into what you see here, complete with a roof-mounted 350W solar panel system.
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Bread Truck Home Conversion

After moving in, Ellie put her touches on the interior design, and now the bread truck is the beautiful, stealthy, traveling home you’ll see in this tour!,” said Tiny House Giant Journey.


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