Modern Cave House
Cave homes and hotels are nothing new, but Grant’s creation was several decades in the making. He first moved to Moab, Utah as a young man, and by 1980, he’d gathered enough money to purchase 40 acres of undeveloped land near Boulder. For the next 25 years, he lived in a trailer without running water or electricity, while learning to grow his own food. As he led horse back riding treks on his land in 1996, he started blasting into the side of a large bedrock.

Fast forward to 2004, the blasting was completed, and then building began on his stunning modern cave home. To keep things natural looking as possible, all of the visible openings were covered in glass panels. The rest is history, and today, all of the home’s running water is pumped to his property from a nearby pond and electricity is generated with a wind turbine. There is one piece of high-tech equipment, a satellite dish for high-speed internet.
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