Deerfield Pie House Narrow
If this house in Deerfield, Illinois made you do a double take, you’re not alone. Unofficially called the “Pie House,” this place went viral online after someone posted a TikTok video of its exterior, which looks to be straight from a movie set. It actually just sold for $260,000 this past week, and is only narrow at one end (3 feet wide), but opens up to a wider opposite side.

It spans 1,122-square-feet and features two bedrooms, 2.5-bathrooms, an open space ground floor, and a parking area that can fit up to 6 cars. Why is this home shaped the way it is? Well, the developers only had a 0.09 acre oblong-shaped piece of land to work with.
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Deerfield Pie House
Deerfield Pie House
Deerfield Pie House

It is different than any other house that’s built in Deerfield. It attracts attention from many walkers and bikers. Commuters walk by and drive by every day, as it’s across from the parking lot. It’s an alternative to a town house without having the maintenance fees,” said listing agent Alan Berlow.


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