DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept Off-Road
The DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept may be from the same company as the one who made the DMC-12 from Back to the Future, but this is no time-traveling vehicle, but rather one designed to go off-road. It essentially represents a departure from traditional automotive design and looks to be something straight from a science fiction movie.

DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept Off-Road
Featuring gullwing doors, LED-equipped body panels, massive wheels and tires fused into one, as well as high ground clearance to make sure it can tackle any terrain. If there is ever a Back to the Future sequel, we most certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept that can go into the future or past.

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Playmobil Back to The Future Delorean
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DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept Off-Road

Omega signifies a celebration of mobility and driving. It represents the next-generation of DeLorean’s design philosophy. This concept vehicle was designed with roots in baja-themed off-road racing,” said the company.


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