DropLabs EP-01 Smart Sneakers
There are smartphones, smart speakers, smart fridges, and now, smart sneakers, thanks to DropLabs. Called the EP-01, these sneakers are equipped SonicSensory Technology, or in other words, Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker-grade transducer and a power source that syncs with audio. As your music, movie, TV show, etc. is playing, the sneaker receives the audio and transmits it to the sneaker as a synced vibration.

You control the EP-01 using an iOS or Android device as well as a pair of headphones. The company also offers an optional gaming package for the EP 01 that enables you to connect directly to the audio source for lower-latency audio.
Amazon Echo Studio | Our best-sounding smart speaker ever - With Dolby Atmos, spatial audio processing technology, and Alexa | Charcoal
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  • Adapts to any room – Automatically senses the acoustics of your space, fine-tuning playback for optimal sound.

DropLabs EP-01 Smart Sneakers
DropLabs EP-01 Smart Sneakers
DropLabs EP-01 Smart Sneakers
DropLabs EP-01 Smart Sneakers

We’ve pioneered a brand new category for consumer tech — the EP 01 is the first step on our path to understanding the widespread applications for DropLabs Technology, from entertainment to wellness and beyond,” said Susan Paley, former CEO of Beats by Dre.


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