Gruzovikus Autonomous Truck
Photo credit: Art Lebedev Studio
Art Lebedev Studio unveils the Gruzovikus, a fully-autonomous electric semi truck that does not require a human driver, nor is there room for one in the cabin. Instead of a normal front end, it sports a streamlined screen designed to separate the oncoming air flows while also protecting the sides from dirt as well as loading the front axle. All of this means added stability in case of a heavy load.

In front of where the driver’s seat would be is a large OLED panel equipped with passive computer vision technology including advanced cameras, sensors and radar technology. The rear is capable of capturing the distance between nearby objects, while the central computer instantly activates, depending on traffic conditions.

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Autonomous Gruzovikus Semi Truck
Autonomous Gruzovikus Semi Truck
Autonomous Gruzovikus Semi Truck
Autonomous Gruzovikus Semi Truck
Autonomous Gruzovikus Semi Truck


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