Implant Tesla Key Hand
Brandon Dalaly implanted an NFC chip into his hand that allows him to not only unlock his Tesla, but also start the vehicle as well. For those who are squeamish, you may want to skip the video, as it shows a professional skin piercer doing his job with a four-gauge needle. When all was said and done, Dalaly spent a total of $400 USD.

Why did he get this done? Well, he is apparently a part of a 100-person group beta testing the NFC chip implant that can be used for secure transactions as well as java card applets too. The company who made the chip even has its very own app store that lets users wirelessly install software into their body.

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I want to make it clear that this chip has more functions than just the Tesla. The Tesla key is just an app that was installed on it. It’s perfect for me because my phone’s Bluetooth power management is so aggressive my phone key only works half the time,” he said on Twitter. The chip works just like a tap-to-pay credit card, ApplePay, or GPay on a phone,” said Dalaly.


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