Jetpack Aviation Speeder Flying Motorcycle
Jetpack Aviation is know for, you guessed it, their jetpacks, but the company is working on something that will let you take to the skies in another way. It’s called the Speeder, and can be thought of as a flying motorcycle. The most challenging part of engineering this flying machine was probably the proprietary flight-control software program.

This software allows the Speeder to function as a normal motorcycle on land, while automatically stabilizing itself in flight. Best of all, it’s capable of taking offer and landing vertically from most surfaces, taking up the same space as a typical car. Need to retrieve it from a tight space? You can program Speeder to fly autonomously. The second prototype is currently under development and will undergo testing next year. A production model is slated to be launched some time in 2023, priced at around $381,000 USD.

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Jetpack Aviation Speeder Flying Motorcycle

We could have an ultralight version [which requires no pilot’s license] ready within two years and an experimental category version within six months after that. The ultralight version would be limited to 60 mph (FAA rules) and a flight time of 15 minutes. The experimental version would require a basic pilot’s license to fly. The speed of this version would be approximately 250 mph with a flight time of about 35 minutes,” said David Mayman, Jetpack Aviation CEO to Robb Report.


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