Maserati Electric Motorcycle
Photo credit: Tomáš Klečka
Industrial designer Tomáš Klečka from the Czech Republic envisions an electric motorcycle that is not only fast, but has supercar looks, and this hubless masterpieces is what he came up with. To ensure proper ride time, this bike should have at least a 130-mile range on a single charge. Unlike its supercar counterpart, this electric motorcycle needs very little maintenance.

Maserati Electric Motorcycle
Maserati Electric Motorcycle
Maserati Electric Motorcycle
Maserati Electric Motorcycle
Maserati Electric Motorcycle
The one thing to take note is that charging this electric motorcycle takes a bit longer than just filling up a gasoline tank. For example, it takes just slightly over 1-hour to charge a 6.5kWh battery to 95% capacity, which by all means is not bad at all if you’re out and about. Now you won’t be hearing any engine noise, but rather a slight whine when you are up to speed, although this one may be equipped with an artificial noise generator.

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