Seacar Vehigh Amphibious Supercar
At first glance, the Seacar Vehigh looks like a normal supercar, but drive it into water, and the vehicle becomes a watercraft. Why does it looks familiar? It draws inspiration from the Aston Martin Vantage, without the 4.0L V8 or 5.2L V12 engines.

There is room to comfortably seat two passengers, while no information about its powertrain has been revealed. However, the company did say that it can achieve a top speed of 60mph on water, which is plenty fast for zipping around a lake. How much does it cost? Well, pricing starts at around $77,686 USD in Brazil. There’s no word yet on if we’ll see the Seacar Vehigh or any their other models stateside.

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It is a new nautical concept for Brazil, ideal for those who enjoy experiences on the water and adrenaline. We believe the market is lacking differences in terms of vessels,” said Alan Goes, Seacar CEO.


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