Electric Aircraft


Wisk Aero Worlds First Autonomous Four-Seat Electric VTOL Air Taxi
Wisk Aero debuts the world’s first autonomous, four-seat electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. This Generation 6 aircraft may be certified by the FAA in the near future, thanks to cutting edge autonomous technology / software, human oversight of every flight, as well as a minimalist design to deliver one of the safest passenger transport systems in commercial aviation.

eMagic One eVTOL Electric Aircraft
Electric aircraft are nothing new, but one with a tandem-wing design most certainly is. Introducing the eMagic One eVTOL, which boasts a maximum takeoff weight of 420 kg (925 lb) and can hit 106 mph, thanks to a lift-plus-cruise design, complete with eight lifting propellers distributed across two rails connecting the wings as well as a tractor propeller up front for forward flight.