Formula 1


Aston Martin F1 Safety Car
Aston Martin has made its return to the FIA Formula One World Championship, and for the first time in the history of the sport the automaker’s vehicles have been made the Official Safety and Medical cars. The company has created a bespoke Aston Martin Vantage to take on the role of intervening and controlling the pace of an event involving the fastest racing cars in the world. The main upgrades come in the form of significant chassis and aerodynamic parts.

MACA Carcopter Hydrogen F1 Car
France-based MACA unveils Carcopter, a hydrogen-powered flying vehicle that they hope one day can compete in a future racing series. This idea comes from the minds of ex-fighter pilot Thierry de Boisvilliers and former Airbus executive Michael Krollak, making its debut at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. A miniature prototype was shown during the event that measured slightly over 8-feet and powered by six 35kW electric motors.