Google Pixel Buds Pro
Priced at $199 USD, the new Google Pixel Buds Pro uses Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with a custom 6-core audio chip that runs Google-developed algorithms and custom speakers to bring immersive sound that adapts to the listener. Silent Seal helps maximize the amount of noise that’s canceled, while built-in sensors accurately measure the pressure in your ear canal to ensure that you’re comfortable even during long listening sessions.

Google Pixelbook Pro Laptop
Photo credit: Ayush Singh Patel via Yanko Design
Google’s Pixelbook was originally set to be the company’s next-generation series of laptops, successor to the Chromebook Pixel that was discontinued four years ago. Featuring a 12.3-inch touchscreen display that allows you to also use the device like a tablet. Google Assistant can be activated with a dedicated button, while this version of Chrome OS can launch native Android applications through the Google Play store. The talented designer Ayush Singh Patel shows us what a premium version would look like.

Google Alphabet Loon Balloon Internet Kenya
Google parent company Alphabet’s Loon is essentially a subsidiary working on providing internet access to rural and remote areas. This is made possible with high-altitude balloons in the stratosphere (11 mi – 16 mi) to create an aerial wireless network with up to 1 Mbps speeds. They’re controlled by adjusting their altitude in the stratosphere, as they float to a wind layer using wind data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Several of these balloons were successfully launched in Kenya’s Rift Valley this past Wednesday.