Sunslice Photon Solar Charger Power Bank
The Sunslice Photon may not be the first solar power bank, but it’s unofficially the world’s smallest. When folded up, this wallet-sized device easily fits into your pocket, backpacks, etc. After opening it up, you’ll find five weatherproof solar panels designed to capture twice as much energy as its competition. This is made possible with highly optimized back-contact monocrystalline solar cells.

Bubble Shield Coronavirus COVID-19
Photo credit: Designlibero
Italy-based design studio Designlibero conceptualized a new and innovative piece of protective equipment to help one prevent the spread of COVID-19, and it’s called “Bubble Shield”. Simply put, it’s design to act as a physical barrier in public spaces and made from thermic-welded Etfe. It consists of two halves, which are connected by a zipper, for quick and easy access.

Tiny Flexible Solar Cell
An international team of researchers teamed with Monash University to develop an extra-light, flexible solar cell that could power future wearable devices. Measuring just tenth the width of a human hair, these cells would have a lifespan of 11.5 years and have the ability to operate for over 20,000 hours with almost no quality deterioration, or 4.8-percent to be more specific.