JBL Reflect Eternal Solar Headphones
JBL is best known for their audio products and they’re now exploring a sustainable, solar-powered headphone, called the JBL REFLECT Eternal. This device combines Exeger’s revolutionary light converting material into a stylish form-factor with JBL’s legendary Pro Sound technology. Unlike normal solar cells, which require a large surface area and are optimized only for outdoor use, Exeger’s innovative Powerfoyle material is specially engineered to generate power with indoor light as well as indirect sunlight.

Arkup Floating House Yacht
Photo credit: Craig Denis | Arkup
Called Arkup #1, this floating house, designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, is unlike any other. It’s a two-story 4,350-square-foot houseboat that’s part yacht and oil rig, due to its retractable hydraulic pilings that can lift the structure above water (up to 20-feet), keeping you safe in inclement weather, even during a Category 4 hurricane with winds up to 155 mph.

Zero-Impact Mountain Hut
Photo credit: On
Typically, a zero-carbon city refers to one that runs entirely on renewable energy, which means it has absolutely no carbon footprint and will not cause harm to the planet. If you take that idea, and use it on a cabin, this “On Mountain Hut” is the result. This retreat is hidden away in the beautiful Swiss Alps, sitting on a mountainside at an altitude of 8,200 feet above sea level.

Xiaomi Solar Smartphone
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
The problem with most smartphones today is their battery life, and resorting to power banks may not always be the answer, especially if you want to keep things light or don’t have a large enough pocket / bag to carry both in. Xiaomi aims to solve that problem by integrating solar panels directly into a smartphone. This means that as long as you’re in sunlight, your device will be constantly recharging the battery.