Theme Park


MACK Rides The Rocking Boat
MACK Rides was founded 240-years-ago in 1780 and has been designing amusement attractions ever since. Whether it be flat rides, dark rides, log flumes, boat rides and roller coasters, they’ve constructed them all at one time or another. Believe it or not, the family that owns the company also runs Europa-Park. Their latest creation, The Rocking Boat, is one of the most innovative yet. Simply put, it consists of ab 8 passenger vehicle modeled after a small boat.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan Update
Photo credit: Twitter / The Sankei News
Set to open in Spring 2021 ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is a sight to behold. These recent aerial photos provided by The Sankei News shows that it is nearing completion and walled off from the other sections of the park to provide maximum immersion. Guests enter the land using a warp pipe located at an entrance plaza, complete with themed lamp posts and a power star in the pavement.

Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan
Nijigen no Mori Park,a theme park located on Awaji Island off the city of Kobe, just debuted the world’s first life-sized Godzilla attraction that lets visitors zip line into its mouth. The monster reportedly measures 393.7-feet long and is officially called “Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji”. You play the role of researchers and enter Godzilla’s body from its mouth through a zip line, while taking on “missions” to prevent it from destroying the city.