Tesla Sipping Glasses
Elon Musk has been known to offer some unusual items across his companies, and his latest are limited edition Tesla Sipping Glasses, which come with a matching metal stand. The shape of the glasses were inspired by the Tesla Tequila bottle’s unique silhouette, and each one is designed with angular contours as well as an engraved Tesla logo.

Tesla Sipping Glasses
Each glass weighs in at 1.5-ounces and stands 3.5-inches tall. How much will the set cost you? Just $75 plus shipping, and you won’t need to wait months or even a year to get them, as they are expected to begin shipping within two weeks of order placement. Unfortunately, none of them are autographed by Elon Musk himself, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to offer a signed set in a Twitter contest.

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Tesla Sipping Glasses


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