iPod Touch 3 Prototype
Photo credit: Giulio Zompetti
Many Apple fans have probably seen at least one prototype of either an upcoming or previous device at one time or another, and the latest one to pop up comes from developer Giulio Zompetti. He mainly collects Apple prototypes and shared this third-generation iPod Touch test unit with a rear-facing camera for all to see. The iPod Touch is currently the only product iPod left in Apple’s product line after t he iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were discontinued on July 27, 2017.

iPod Touch 3 Prototype
iPod Touch 3 Prototype
iPod Touch 3 Prototype
If you’ve never seen an iPod Touch, they look just like an iPhone, but can only be used as a music player, camera, web browser, taking notes, and a handheld gaming device. One a related note, did you know that over 100-million iPod Touch units have been sold since its introduction in 2007?

Apple iPod Touch (32GB) - Blue (Latest Model)
  • 4-Inch Retina display
  • Your favorite music, gaming, and AR apps in your pocket
  • A10 Fusion chip for up to 2x faster performance, Up to 3x faster graphics


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