Acura NSX Trailer
Photo credit: Chris Cut via Car Scoops
Auto enthusiast Chris Cut is passionate about his Acura NSX, and to ensure that it could transport everything he needed on the road, a roof box as well as tent was installed. The next logical step was taking a salvage NSX and turning it into a camper trailer, right?

This was no ordinary 1991 Acura NSX, as it was involved in no less than two accidents. The first one totaled the rear end, while the second time around, its front end was damaged beyond repair. What did this mean for Chris? A perfect project car that was not only sliced in half, but painted to match his own Acura NSX, complete with an extremely rare Honda Motocompo scooter to store in it.
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Acura NSX Trailer
Acura NSX Trailer
Acura NSX Trailer

The Motocompo fits perfectly in the NSX trailer, and I’m planning to actually use it not only to putt around campsites but also for its intended purpose to get around cities on my cross-country trip. I’m also looking into seeing if it’s feasible to build a sidecar for my dog, or maybe even a mini trailer for him that the Motocompo can tow him around in, lol! I’ll continue to document my progress along with our cross-country trip and any other adventures we get into on my YouTube channel,” said Cut to Motor Trend


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