Apple MagSafe Battery Pack iPhone 12
At $99, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is ideal for anyone who wants to charge their iPhone 12, but hates lugging around a power bank. Whether it be the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, simply place this accessory onto the back of your handset, and it starts charging automatically.

How does it start charging automatically? The MagSafe Battery Pack takes advantage of the iPhone 12’s wireless charging capability, which means you don’t need to even press a button to start the process. For those who need even quicker charging, you’re also able to plug a Lightning cable into the Battery Pack for 15W charging instead of just 5W. Unfortunately, a power adapter and Lightning cable are not included with the 1,460mAh (7.62V, 11.13Wh) Battery Pack. However, when the latter is charging, its amber light will turn on, but when fully-powered, it turns green. Best of all, you could possibly even use it to charge other Apple accessories, like AirPods.


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