LEGO 35,000 Bricks Iron Man
If you weren’t able to attend Comic-Con in San Diego this year and love Iron Man, here’s an up-close look at the incredible creation Marvel debuted there. Simply put, it’s a life-sized, 188-pound Iron Man statue that stands 6.5-feet tall and is comprised of 35,119 individual LEGO pieces. This project took Lead Model Designers Greg Omartian and Senior Model Builder Jeff Rusby over 255 hours to finish, and a fascinating video was released showing the entire build and how they planned everything perfectly.

Largest Iron Man Collectionn
Terence Tee, a 38-year-old real estate agent, unofficially has the biggest Iron Man collection in Singapore, or at least until he gets it certified by Guinness World Records. What does he specialize in collecting? Limited edition figures made by Hot Toys. To date, he’s estimated to have already spent over $45,000 USD on various pieces, which are all on display in his office or man cave as some would like to call it.

LEGO Ideas 21319 Friends Central Park
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Friends television show, the 1,070-piece LEGO Ideas (21319) Central Perk set will be hitting stores soon. It features the iconic seating area, complete with a removable couch, armchair and two chairs for the friends cast. That’s not all, you also get the stage where Phoebe played the guitar and performed her songs as well as where Ross once jammed on his keyboard, as well as 7 minifigures.

Transformers War for Cybertron Unicron
Hasbro has officially revealed their largest Transformers figure ever: Unicron. For those who haven’t followed the series, this robot made its debut in the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie and he’s been a fan favorite since. It stands over 27” tall, has more than 50 points of articulation, and includes pose-ability, like movable eyes, fingers, mouth, as well as teeth.

Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart Arc Reactor
Hot Toys has revealed the “Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart” Arc Reactor, the very first one he created to keep himself alive and to also power his first suit of armor in ‘Iron Man’. It supplies energy to an electromagnet, which prevents embedded shrapnel from reaching his heart. This “Life-Size Masterpiece Series” Arc Reactor was apparently given by Tony’s personal assistant Pepper as a desktop ornament.