Crescere Superyacht
Photo credit: Designova Creative
Designed by J. David Weiss, the Crescere (Latin for to grow) superyacht is unlike any other that you’ve probably seen. Why? It has a retractable 52-ft by 10-ft lap pool, complete with glass side panels that rise up out of the foredeck and high-speed pumps that fill it with salt water. When not in use, it can be hidden back inside the foredeck ub secibds, making room for the helipad.

Crescere Superyacht
Crescere Superyacht
To give it a more relaxed feeling, there are expansive areas of glass in the hull that bathe the interior with diffused natural light. Powering the superyacht is a hybrid diesel-electric system with biofuel generators and solar panels that recharge its large battery banks, enabling it to hit 40 mph on the water.

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Crescere Superyacht

The idea is to create spaces down below that are quieter and calming, where guests can relax and recharge. Not only is it a good way of reducing weight on the bow when under way, but it’s fun to watch guests through the glass sides, splashing around. We’re working on a military-style landing craft that can be deployed from the side of the hull, and be able to run-up onto a beach or boat ramp. You can do a lot of fun stuff when you have something that’s 433 feet long,” said J. David Weiss, founder of the disrupter design company Designova Creative to Robb Report.


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