CyberMini Tesla Cybertruck
Always wanted a remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck, or at least a miniature 1:17 scale model? If so, then look no further than the CyberMini. Limited to just 40-units due to the time consuming nature of hand building each one, the scale model can either be used as a decorative piece, or driven around like a normal remote-controlled car. Its build around a core chassis for the ultimate in rigidity as well as durability.

No expense was spared on details, starting with the laser-cut aluminum body panels and a tailgate that sports a built-in telescoping ramp. Unlike normal R/C cars, the CyberMini does not have a hollow body, as all the doors and even the front trunk area are functional. All of its electric motors are built into the wheels to deliver rapid acceleration. The active suspension and ground clearance can be adjusted with the free companion app. More information here.

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CyberMini Tesla Cybertruck


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