Elon Musk Tesla Robot Shoes
Photo credit: Hussain Almossawi
Tesla’s AI features the expected and then the unexpected, or at least for those who aren’t in the Elon Musk inner circle. why? He unveiled a humanoid robot that aims to eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks for humans. It needs shoes, and these ones by Hussain Almossawi would be perfect.

Elon Musk Tesla Robot Shoes
Elon Musk Tesla Robot Shoes
Elon Musk Tesla Robot Shoes
Elon Musk Tesla Robot Shoes
Hussain Almossawi is no stranger to shoes or fashion in general, as he was a former design at both Nike as well as Adidas. These “Tesla Football Shoes” would be great for Elon Musk’s robot should it need to perform any outdoor activities, as it comes complete with electroluminescent fabric that is woven directly into the sides / back of the shoes. As for the Tesla Bot, it stands 5 foot 8 inches, weighs 125 pounds, and has a screen in place of a traditional head. It employs actuators for natural movement, while human-level hands allow it to finish delicate tasks.

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