LEGO 35,000 Bricks Iron Man
If you weren’t able to attend Comic-Con in San Diego this year and love Iron Man, here’s an up-close look at the incredible creation Marvel debuted there. Simply put, it’s a life-sized, 188-pound Iron Man statue that stands 6.5-feet tall and is comprised of 35,119 individual LEGO pieces. This project took Lead Model Designers Greg Omartian and Senior Model Builder Jeff Rusby over 255 hours to finish, and a fascinating video was released showing the entire build and how they planned everything perfectly.

They started the project off by sourcing a 3D model direct from Marvel, which they used to pose the model, and then strategize what pieces were exactly needed. The coolest part just might be the transparent bricks that are illuminated by LED lights mimicking the Nano Gauntlet’s power surging through the superhero. However, the toughest sections to build were the lights in the eyes, Arc Reactor, and hand simply because there’s not much room in the model to add electronics so the outer walls have to be carefully planned to not show them.


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