Life-Sized Pokemon Garchomp Plush
In the Pokemon series, Garchomp is essentially a bipedal velociraptor / hammerhead shark-like creature. This doesn’t sound like it would make for a comfortable napping companion, but turn it into a life-sized plush that measures 160cm, or 5’2″, and it’s an entirely different story.

Life-Sized Pokemon Garchomp Plush
Despite its size, this Pokemon Garchomp plush does not have a Mega Evolution where both of its claws are replaced with red scythes covering its arms, while its chin becomes bulkier. Unfortunately, it’s only being offered directly from the Premium Bandai website, priced at around $390 USD. Even if you manage to get an order in before it officially ships in February 2023, Bandi does not offer international shipping, so you’ll have to find a courier service willing to accept your package and then re-ship it stateside.

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Life-Sized Pokemon Garchomp Plush


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