Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper Metris
Mercedes-Benz Vans has debuted its first pop-up camper for the US Market, and it’s called the Weekender. With seating for five and sleeping for four, this vehicle can be used in various ways, like traveling across the country on extended road trips, taking the family on vacations or spring getaways, quick weekend adventures or just relaxing after work.

This Metris-based van is not only a versatile daily driver designed to thrive in major metropolitan areas, but its spacious interior and practical dimensions are designed to fit in standard parking spots, garages and driveways around the city. Inside, it comes standard with an elevating roof with a sleeping area for two, a 2” memory foam mattress, 3 windows, as well as added USB ports for lights, charging and more.

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Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper
Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper
There’s also a multipurpose rear bench seat that opens up to reveal a bed for two, and while folded into the seat configuration, it can move along a rail position into four locations, thus offering additional room for your varying cargo needs. The front seats swivel and rotate 180 degrees to allow your van to quickly turn into the perfect multipurpose lounge. You also get a second battery to power your devices, light up your nights or suit any of your other campsite needs. Some optional features include off-grid power and integrated solar panels.

Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper
Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper

Pop up campers are iconic and highly functional vehicles. We have known for a long time that this market need was unmet as evidenced by the high demand for aging existing camper vans still on the road. With the help of our partners, Peace Vans and Driverge, we have utilized the Metris to create a product suited to those who seek adventure, but also need a versatile and comfortable vehicle for their day-to-day lives,” said Robert Veit, VP and Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz USA Vans.


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