NISMO GT23 Nissan GT-R GT1 Race Car
JRM Group announced that they will be building 23 road-legal Nissan GT-R GT1 race cars, called NISMO GT23. Priced at $500,620 USD, these rear-wheel drive supercars are powered by a tuned Nissan VR38DETT V6 generating 650 horsepower, mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox. They also added a height-adjustable double-wishbone suspension that can achieve 2G of cornering grip with racing slicks.

NISMO GT23 Nissan GT-R GT1 Race Car JRM Group
JRM also fitted the GT23 with a different hood with two massive inlets, compared to its track-only counterpart. You also get revamped fenders with gills behind the front wheels and a a pair of center-exit exhaust tips out back. Other lightweight materials were used to keep the weight at a mere 2,811-pounds. Deliveries are set to begin in 2020.

NISMO GT23 Nissan GT-R GT1 Race Car JRM Group

We know the GT-R inside out and our team of designers, engineers and racing drivers have taken this cult car to a whole new level – the GT23 is incredibly special,” said Jason King, JRM Managing Director.


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