PAN Treetop Cabins
Photo credit: Mats Sparby
Finnskogen is basically an area of Norway / Sweden located in the counties of Hedmark / Värmland respectively, but for those who have heard of it, nothing notable probably comes to mind, that is until now. Introducing the Pan Treetop Cabins. These a-framed structures situated off the ground by four stilts, and can only be accessed by a spiral staircase.

Once inside, visitors are greeted with stunning views of Norway’s Finnskogen forest, while the windows bathe the interior with natural light. This exact location was chosen to provide rotational views of the surrounding wildlife, as well as for energy conservation purposes.

PAN Treetop Cabin
PAN Treetop Cabin
PAN Treetop Cabin
PAN Treetop Cabin
PAN Treetop Cabin
Step outside, and you’ll find a walkway that leads to the glass cylinder-enclosed winding staircase. Once on the ground, you’re free to explore the many nature trails right outside your door or just admire the wildlife.


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