PowerEgg X Drone
What happens when you combine an autonomous personal AI-powered camera, a handheld 3-axis gimbal, and a high-performance drone into an egg-shaped device? You get the PowerEgg X. That’s right, its 4k/60fps HD camera and three-axis gimbal allow just about anyone to create professional quality images, and thanks to its IPX6 rating, the drone can be flown anywhere as well. Product page.

The main feature that really sets the PowerEgg X apart from other drones is its proprietary AI algorithm and robotics technology capabilities. This includes facial recognition, deep learning, and a tracking field of view up to 170°, which means subjects will always be in the middle of the frame, even if they’re moving around. Should need to record some vlog-style content, switch over to handheld gimbal camera mode, which turns it into a three-axis autonomous personal AI camera with a battery life of 3.5 hours. In drone mode, it’s capable of flying in winds as high as 29-38 knots, while waterproof accessories enable it to take off from and land on water.

PowerEgg X Wizard 4K/60FPS Multi-Purpose Waterproof Drone for Flying and Landing in Inclement Weather & Water Sports Photography
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PowerEgg X Wizard 4K/60FPS Multi-Purpose Waterproof Drone for Flying and Landing in Inclement Weather & Water Sports Photography
  • Includes waterproof housing, water-landing floats and an extra battery.
  • 4K/60fps UHD camera produces professional quality video and 12 megapixel images.
  • Patented SyncVoice technology picks up high-fidelity sound using the mobile phone’s microphone or a wireless microphone and automatically synchronizes the audio with the footage.
  • AI Face Recognition technology delivers accurate, efficient, multi-angle, remote face recognition and subject lock-on when following the subject.
  • A multi-function device that can also be used as an autonomous personal AI camera, or a handheld 3-axis AI camera.

‘Innovate the Future’ is our mission and innovation is in our DNA. Three years in development, PowerEgg X pulls together the technology consumers are seeking and puts it in a small, elegant egg shape. With smart-image recognition tracking, image mechanical stabilization, and simple video-editing tools, it is easy for anyone to shoot material as if they were a professional-grade videographer. By creating a multi-purpose device, PowerVision has reduced the user’s total purchase cost, storage requirement, increased ease-of-use, and giving the user unprecedented convenience,” said Wally Zheng, Founder and CEO of PowerVision.


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