Renault Santa Sleigh
Photo credit: Alexandre Ferra
Industrial designer Alexandre Ferra from Paris realized that Santa may be in for a nice sleigh upgrade and what better company to get one from than France-based Renault? It’s officially called Santa Sleigh R.S. (Renault Sport) and looks like a supercar on snow runners. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much space out back for all the presents, so either a second sleigh would be necessary, or there would have to be a companion trailer.

Renault Santa Sleigh
We don’t get to peek inside, but we can assume that there are plenty of touchscreens, possibly an ultrawide display, to provide real-time navigation. As for the number of seats, a single large one would make sense, rather than try to pack two or more in there, since at least a few presents could fit inside the cabin.

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Renault Santa Sleigh


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