Samsung Holographic Display Prototype
Holographic displays have been around for quite some time, and it’s basically one that utilizes light diffraction to create a virtual three-dimensional image. Unlike standard 3D displays, they do not require you to wear any special glasses or external equipment to see the image. Samsung has taken this to the next level with their slim-panel holographic 4K display prototype. This cutting edge model can be viewed from various angles and outputs images in 4K resolution.

This display was made possible using an innovative new steering-backlight unit (S-BLU), a component that uses a beam deflector to redirect the backlight in a given direction, thus widening the viewing angle by 30-times compared to a traditional holographic display. The prototype measures just 4-inches thick and the 10.1-inch display projects holograms in 4K resolution at up to 30 frames per second.

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For the real-time interactive holographic video display, the 3D image should be updated for the position of the viewer’s eyes which is detected by the eye-tracking sensor. An application software, such as a graphic rendering software, or a 3D camera generate 3D images that should be projected on the viewer’s retina plane,” said the researchers.


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