SP80 Sailboat Speed Record
Speedboats are nothing new, but what about one powered purely by the wind? Meet the SP80. This futuristic sailboat was designed to reach a top speed of 80 knots (92 mph), which would shatter the world sailing speed record.

The cockpit of a sailboat capable of achieving 80 knots has to be able to withstand acceleration forces of up to 50Gs. This means that it has been reinforced with Kevlar to protect its occupants from possible carbon shards in the event of a crash. There are also snug bucket seats, 6 point-harnesses and helmets. In case of an emergency, oxygen masks will be ready to go.
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Very early in our development phase, it was clear that being alone on board was not an option to accelerate safely up to 80 knots. At 150 km/h, it is essential to be focused on one task!We will thus have a pilot steering the kite, while a co-pilot will ensure the boat’s trajectory. However, at low speeds, that is around 30 knots, the boat can be sailed solo, which will allow us to welcome passengers onboard to experience something extraordinary!,” said Benoît Gaudiot, co-founder and pilot.


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