Audi Robosphere Motorcycle Concept Electric
The futuristic Audi Robosphere motorcycle concept by Andrea Di Matteo is all-electric and aims to break the world speed record on two wheels. It aims to remain simple, refined, and competitive on technical as well as stylistic aspects, ensuring it appeals to the upper echelon of motorcycle aficionados.

Audi Robosphere Motorcycle Concept Electric
Audi Robosphere Motorcycle Concept Electric
Aesthetically, Matteo wanted its shape to be defined by drawing a continuity between the two wheels, focusing on volumes, few graphics as well as a play on transparency. The bike features a sporty setup, but can easily be raised for a smoother road experience. Its fork is based on the Bimota Tesi 3D and handlebars integrated directly into the body were chosen for a more aerodynamic feel.

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Audi Robosphere Motorcycle Concept Electric
Audi Robosphere Motorcycle Concept Electric

Pairing this goal with Audi is a consequence of insight. Indeed, we see how Audi in recent years is investing heavily in motorsport, first with Formula E and soon in Formula 1. The idea of the project is to position the Audi Robosphere in the luxury segment, thus creating a limited series of 50 road-legal parts based on the record-breaking motorcycle mechanics,” said Matteo.


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